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Our fine jewellery is crafted to last a lifetime, but we do advise our clients to employ delicate care in prolonging the life of their treasured pieces as normal wear can take its toll. To assist with this, we have developed this Basic Jewellery Care Guideline to direct you in the proper care of your jewellery.

  1. Polishing natural gemstones with soft cotton or silk cloth with Vaseline often yields wonderful results.

  2. Chemicals like perfume, hairspray or makeup are harmful to jewellery. Hence, adorn yourself with the jewels as the last step of your get up.

  3. Carefully stored jewellery can remain as good as new for a long time. Try to keep your jewellery in their tarnish-resistant maykaa boxes. 

  4. Always put on your jewellery last and take it off first while BUT while sitting.

  5. Maykaa recommends taking off your jewellery before a shower.

  6. Maykaa adornments are nickel free. We make sure our jewels cause no allergy.

  7. Remove your jewellery before washing your hands, exercising, & swimming.

  8. If in doubt, seek professional advice from Maykaa rather than experimenting.

  9. Handle with care! It's precious to you!